The significance of the existence of animals to the earth is to maintain ecological peace and the distribution of water resources, to protect the growth and reproduction of vegetation, and as guardians, the relationship with humans restricts each other.

Animals are the creators of natural resources. They are close to nature and have a strong nature to maintain their mission. Their nature is to be stable, stick to, and drive the movement and harmony of heaven and earth. From the point of view of nature, they should be leaders, drive the stability and expansion of human development, know how to get close to nature, use nature, lead people's sense of steadiness, and how to be good guardians, while human beings are mainly anti-customers, with imagination and expansion To accelerate consumption, immerse yourself in the infinite expansion of self.

The more saturated the natural environment, the more peaceful the animals get along, and predation is their pleasure. Plundering and the development of these original deformities are all due to the destruction of the original way of life, using terrestrial animals as disseminators, birds as the migration and leaders of natural storms, fish as the four seasons, and promote the glaciers reconcile.

Each race should have its own habitat, and there is telepathy among animal races. Once human beings deliberately destroy, the biological chain is broken, and the destruction is a large range of marginal species. When there are fewer and fewer animal species on the earth The time comes when it becomes increasingly difficult for human beings to resist natural disasters.

The end of life is also forcing the narrow circle of human beings, the stagnation of science and technology, the wildness and lack of character, more and more belief in nothingness, a strong sense of self-respect, deviating from the world, society consuming resources indiscriminately, backlogged into garbage, full of stench, forced to Leave the original living environment until the trees wither and the sea roars.

When the species that human beings depend on are also declining, the energy of the seabed will sweep and disperse the energy of the land. Even the human world will collapse under high tension for a long time, and then re-establish a more suitable civilization and nature, releasing the earth little by little. Inner energy, over and over again.