Note 1:
Prevention of heat stroke dogs congenital lack of sweat glands, and most of the coats are long and thick, and it is difficult to dissipate heat on the body surface. If you are obese, have heart disease, and lack exercise, coupled with hot summer, continuous high temperature, it is easy to heatstroke, and treatment is not effective. Timely mortality is higher:
  • Keep the dog away from strong sunlight or high temperature environment. Do not let the dog move a lot from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm in the high temperature season, and avoid running;
  • During outdoor activities, replenish water in time, and sufficient drinking water can prevent heat stroke;
  • Obese dogs have poor heat dissipation, higher heat production, and are prone to heat stroke when they are hot, so fat dogs should pay attention to losing weight;
  • For dogs with long and thick coats and fat bodies, the hair should be shaved to improve the heat dissipation capacity;

Note 2:
In vitro deworming Summer is a period of high incidence of parasites. Dogs like to roll and play in the grass when walking the dog, which is easy to be infected with parasites such as fleas. Pay attention to regular deworming in vitro.

Note 3:
Food preservation In summer, the uneaten dog food in the food bowl is easily deteriorated when exposed to the air for a long time. Pay attention to replacing the food in time. Note 4: The frequency of bathing in summer is not too high. It is enough to wash once a week. After washing, it should be completely dried. In summer, the temperature is too high, and the humid environment will allow fungi to grow, which may easily cause dog skin diseases.